Emergency Planning & Resilience

It's important to have the necessary emergency plans in place backed up by the relevant resources to act quickly and effectively in an emergency, that's why we work with our partners and trusted suppliers to provide safety support and emergency provision for some of the UK's most prestigious events held at world class venues.

We're able to provide on-site Operations Managers, Event Safety Officers and Event & Production Medics. Our Operations Managers can co-ordinate all or specific aspects of your event, our Event Safety Officers can oversee H&S operations for the duration of your event working closely with your security and management teams, our Medics can remain on standby for the duration of the event and can respond to medical incidents as and when required. In fact, we've been providing these resources for the last two decades at Venues & Events so have a proven track record which is second to none.

We now also offer a range of training courses to ensure your event or venue team are appropriately trained to act and cope in any emergency situation via our training division Tactical Training. Please contact us for more information on the range of courses and training options we offer.

We can provide:
- Operational Oversight
- Medical Risk Assessments
- Medical Management Plans
- Major Incident Planning 

Contact us:
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